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Brand Design | A nine-story platform is built on a single piece of earth - A case study of integrating corporate strategy into brand design
Time:2022-04-28 10:49:19 Author:mattDESIGN

Starship Industry is a platform for the construction and operation of super factories under China Motor Transport, relying on the super factory form to fully implement the intensive, intelligent and shared development of traditional manufacturing industries. Although it is a newborn enterprise, Starship Industry, built by a group of senior industrialists, was born with a reformist sentiment to use this platform to drive the transformation and upgrading of the regional manufacturing industry as a whole and provide a new ecological environment for the national manufacturing industry. mattDESIGN was invited to create a brand visual identity manual for Starship Industry, and after in-depth communication with the client, chose to find the design inspiration, integrating the transformation and development of the real economy into the design.


A Nine-Storey Platform Begins With a Cumulative Layer of Earth

Industry in the 21st century is no longer a redundant pile of production and manufacturing, but an effective integration driven by industrial innovation. The future of industrial manufacturing must be the intensification of manufacturing through the technical capabilities and organisational models of industrial connectivity, which requires a head company to stand out and implement R&D integration, channel integration and brand management, thus empowering industry players to work together on innovative research around new technologies and products," said Gu Yifeng, Secretary of the Party Committee of China Railway Urban Transport Co. " Therefore, in the performance of the LOGO, through continuous exploration and finally chose to use a rigorous but flexible approach to outline a more stable and atmospheric brand image, in order to echo the dream of Starship Industry to carry the rise of Chinese manufacturing and reflect the flexibility and innovation of the modern industrial system.

Starship Industry carries a variety of industries such as electrical, lift, special equipment and automobile under China Motor Transport, so the designers of matttDESIGN have made "no individuality and no difference" to each industry in the design, evolving each industry into a block, which together build up the industrial brand of Starship Industry. Each block, in our opinion, is the backbone and soul of the Starship Industries brand. After studying the overall design together with the client, we decided to adopt a more neat and balanced composition. This down-to-earth and grounded form, unique to industrialists, reflects the foundation and thickness of Made in China.


A Flexible Industrial Structure

The client invested heavily in the construction of the Fenhu "Super Factory" to achieve the full integration of lift machines and components in Fenhu, and to use the iconic architecture and intellectual manufacturing form of the industry's "holy land" to rally people, boost the market and create a "spiritual home" to which Chinese lift people aspire. The "spiritual home". This is a breakthrough and innovation in the existing manufacturing system. The client's 680-acre Fenhu Starship Super Factory in Fenhu Super Factory carries the hope for the rise of China's national lift industry. This manufacturing centre, incorporating the latest automation technology, highly intelligent processing centres, fully automated logistics and storage systems, flexible production lines, etc., gives this factory a full sense of technology and futurism.

Starship Industrial Fenhu Industrial Park (rendering)


Therefore, the Starship Industrial brand we designed and planned contains industrial innovation and national ambition, with six dark grey cornerstones representing the six shared intelligent manufacturing new ecological environment, and four light grey cornerstones representing the design and operation concept of "green, ecological, intelligent and shared"; serving the new Fenhu Starship Super Factory. The four light grey cornerstones represent the design and operation concept of "green, ecological, intelligent and shared"; they serve the new intelligent manufacturing industry ecology created by the Fenhu Starship Super Factory, and serve the industrialists who look up to the stars and are down to earth. At this time, the future technology of the Starship factory has also emerged, and this new ecological building for intelligent manufacturing is also a reflection of our design.


The Future is Here, the Starship Sails

In order to highlight the brand cohesion of intelligent industrial upgrading and to cover a large number of scenarios for daily and future use, we have designed the Starship Industrial brand visual identity manual, which contains a complete visual basic elements application system, office materials specification, indoor guidance system, conference service specification, packaging specification, outdoor guidance system, advertising system specification, digital application specification, and new communication promotion design. The manual includes the core elements of the brand, and also takes the "Starship Super Factory" form and the comprehensive implementation of the intensive, intelligent and shared development of the traditional manufacturing industry as the core of the creative expression.

mattDESIGN designers worked with the client to research and explore, using the design language to illustrate the artisan spirit in the era of intelligent manufacturing.


For the logo, we chose dark grey to reflect the stability of the new era of industrial manufacturing, and light grey to represent the high-end quality of new technology and the use of new technology, the interplay of the two allows the spirituality of Starship Industries to be realised. In addition, we have designed secondary colours to complement the brand's standard colours, which can help highlight the brand's main colours and also enhance the richness and flexibility of the brand's colour application.

In order to enhance the artistic sense of the Starship Industries brand and help clients to have an inspiring creative expression in diverse application scenarios, we have designed secondary graphics to realise the extension of the brand on the basis of its basic form, expressing a rich spiritual connotation through a refined design language.


The use is also very flexible, for example, the secondary underline is used on packaging paper to highlight the brand's superior quality and high-end aesthetics, or it can be combined with different materials and applied in the development of gifts or derivatives.

In the use of office supplies, outdoor advertising, Internet and other scenarios, the auxiliary graphics become the finishing touch, not only making the stable, atmospheric brand image of Starship Industries stand out, but also creating a creative and dynamic expression of brand interaction with a dynamic, simple and layered combination.

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