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Creative emerging designer-Mr.Zhenggeyi
2021-12-27 11:29:09

Designer: Zheng Ganyi

Design Profession: Brand/Graphic Designer

Brief Introduction: Creative up-and-coming designer with 6 years of experience in the field of branding/graphics, with rich experience in brand design, creating infectious creative works for clients in the fields of brand LOGO design, VI design, packaging design, album design, product detail pages, event main visuals, etc.


Branding (LOGO, vi)


Starship Industries

Fenhu Starship Super Factory is an important industrial carrier for CSR's integration into the integrated development strategy of the Yangtze River Delta. The project relies on the Central Research Institute of CSR Transportation and a number of lift machine and core component enterprises integrated in the Yangtze River Delta region. In the logo representation, we regard each block as the "cornerstone" of this industrial empire, and adopt the spaceship design of the Starship Industrial Super Factory in the overall appearance.


Lingang Medium Capacity

Shanghai Lingang Medium Capacity Bus System is the backbone of the public transport network in the Lingang area, with a total of six lines planned to serve people travelling between the various functional clusters in the area. The design of the T1 line is based on the dripping water of Lingang and incorporates the concept of medium-capacity magnetic studs and under-vehicle sensor technology into the word "Lingang".





AnDesign Architects' services cover urban planning, architectural design and urban residential housing design, and the company's vision is, as the name suggests, to design places for people to live in.


Rongcheng Yue'er Bay Resort Hotel

Located in Weihai, Shandong Province, the goal is to create a high-end business resort hotel in Rongcheng Golden Bay, with a modern sense of business and high-end outdoor holiday enjoyment, making full use of the Golden Bay resources, so when designing the brand logo, the meaning of the brand name was incorporated, and then a modern sense of temperament was incorporated.


Elegant Mengxi Lodge

Located in the West Lake Scenic Area and Lingyin Resort, this hotel is part of the Meihao Hotel Group. It is located within the "Nine Streams and Smoke Trees" scenic spot of West Lake, on Jiu Xi Road, next to Zhijiang Tourism Resort. Unlike other hotel brands under the Meho umbrella, its brand tone is to bring everything back to the basics, so we have simplified the design by using only the eaves and the mountain shape to simply outline the natural, peaceful and leisurely feeling.


The Bento Project

The Bento Project is a group of young people who have a passion for food. They have abandoned the current takeaway apps and set up the Bento Project with a loving logo and a warm colour scheme that makes customers feel like they are receiving a delicious bento prepared by their girlfriend every lunchtime.




Jilong Fire Protection Brand Brochure Design


Ningbo Beilun Jilong Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. is a member of the China Fire Protection Association, established in 1989, is a technology-oriented fire protection products company that focuses on manufacturing better products. The product brochure was redesigned to match the need to launch the new corporate image. The new brand brochure design will enable Jilong's products to be better promoted and more clearly introduced.


Mr.Giant Integrated Cooker Product Brochure

Mr. Giant is a brand of kitchen appliances under Sonia (China) Technology Co. In the design of the specific product brochure we highlight the functionality of the brand's products and use different elements to highlight the functions of the products, so that consumers can understand the functions and details of the products more intuitively.



Yuyao Simen Investment Brochure

The investment brochure design is divided into four main sections: Simen Huihui, Gathering Strength, Condensing Fly, Style Bohui, and Bing Shaft Fu Effect, which systematically explains to investors the history, regional advantages, humanities and arts, and supporting facilities of Yuyao Simen. The beautiful design of the brochure increased the confidence of the staff of the Investment Promotion Bureau, while the smooth implementation of the investment brochure paved the way for later investment promotion activities.


Simeishan Tourism Investment Brochure

The investment brochure for Yuyao Siming Mountain is divided into four chapters: Pioneering - New Path, Vow - Promising, Wishing - Long View, and Looking - City Beauty.

The overall design style belongs to the simple new Chinese style, which is literary and business-like at the same time.


Packaging design


The packaging of the Mooncake

As a long-established Chinese brand in Ningbo already familiar to locals, the packaging design of this mooncake is inspired by the famous local scenic spots and buildings in Ningbo, the Siming Mountain, the Drum Tower, the Tianyi Pavilion, the Seven Pagodas Temple plus the three iconic images of the jar and duck, the dog, the jar and the duck. Let them come together in the form of an illustration.


Zhenghegu Technology Packaging

Zhejiang Zhenghegu Biotechnology is engaged in the research and development of biomedical technology, bioengineering technology, computer technology; research and development of biochips, technology applications, etc. According to the characteristics of the product for the design of "biological double spiral packaging" and simple model two kinds of packaging boxes, two styles although the difference is large, but highlights the professionalism of biotechnology companies.




WellDon Demand Wake Creative H5 & Poster

"WellDon Wheldon", a Chinese safety seat brand.

The design requirement this time was to take a mother as the starting point to find a seat that can give her baby safety and security.

That's why we designed it by letting the mother transform into James Bond and lead us through the products of the brand that were first certified by the authoritative European certification body - TNO and passed the full line of ECE R44/03 and ECE R44/04 internationally recognised certification standards.



Future Symbiosis Launch

We combined the "flexibility" of their brand background "flexible supply chain" with the "future coexistence" of this event. The main KV of this event was the "flexibility" of their brand background "flexible supply chain", combined with the "technology" of this "future coexistence" conference, and extended a series of materials.