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Hong Liu
2021-04-23 17:22:49

Work experience:

Graduated from Shenzhen University in 1997 with a bachelor's degree in architecture, graduated from Tianjin University with a master's degree, and graduated 30th batch from EMBA Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. After graduation, he joined a famous design organization - Shenzhen Huasen, and was one of the first batch of outstanding talents recruited directly from the market within the Huasen system at that time.

In 2001, he left Huasen and was invited to join the predecessor of the current Aecom China - Shenzhen Merchants Design Company, as the manager of the solution department.

In 2003, he formed and founded Shanghai Porto with Yongyi He and Jing Wu, and was the executive director and chief architect of Shanghai Porto.

In 2019, he quit Shanghai Porto and founded Shanghai Jieyu.

Projects delivered:

Zhong Ying Black Forest - Construction area: 200,000 square meters, technology residential

Qinhuangdao Quyun Mountain - building area: 60,000 square meters, technology residential

Zhengzhou corporate office building design, urban construction

Zhong Ying Caofeidian Project - Building area: 320,000 square meters, urban construction

Beaubourg Park Restaurant - Building area: 500 square meters, interior design

Beer Garden 1903club-Building area: 1000 square meters, interior design

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Design delivered (selected):

Guizhou Jindong Moutai Town Sauce Wine Base and Brand Display Project

Tonglu Xiaoyuan - Countryside Complex

Tonglu Xiaoyuan - Countryside Complex

Private Residence Design

Clubhouse design

Eco-Home Product Experience Hall

Beaubourg Bars & Restaurants

A corporate headquarters office in Zhengzhou

Tsingtao Beer Western Beer Garden

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