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Architectural Design Director of matt; Founder and Chief Architect of Shanghai Porto; Founder of Shanghai Jieyu Design
Since 2003, they have been engaged in brand strategy & consulting and design, won more than 100 domestic and foreign professional awards, and provided professional services for more than 1,000 organizations and enterprises. In 2015, they founded their design education brand, Wei Zhi College, which upholds the value of "KEEP KIND" and is committed to exploring a new design education model that integrates business and teaching.
Mr.Zheng has been working in the field of branding/graphics for 6 years and has rich experience in branding design. He has created highly creative works for clients in the fields of brand logo design, VI design, packaging design, album design, product detail page and event main visual.
Yinan is mainly engaged in cultural tourism planning and design of scenic tourist areas, urban landscape space design and ecological green space planning and design, ecological agricultural park planning, rural revitalization renovation and upgrading design. In recent years, he has presided over the design of cultural space in many cultural and creative parks in Shanghai, the planning and design of the upgrading of the national rural revitalization demonstration village Shanghai Xinyi Village, the design of the rural revitalization institute and farming culture museum in Pidu District, Chengdu, the planning and design of Changzhou "Spring and Autumn Drowning City" site park (5A scenic area), the planning and design of Suzhou Taihu Lake National Wetland Park (5A scenic area), the design of Wuxi Xinzhou Ecological Park, the detailed planning of Xinjiang Urumqi North Expansion New Area detailed planning, Yunnan Chuxiong and Sichuan Yibin National Agricultural Science and Technology Park planning and other projects, all won the industry praise.
As a university teacher for nine years and a visiting scholar in the UK for seven years, Dong Feng returned to China in 1997 and joined the fashion industry. He has served Conch Group, Yifei Group, SMP AISA, BILLY CASPER GOLF and other fashion brands; he has a lot of experience in fashion brand planning and management, and is committed to the dissemination of Shanghai culture and resource integration. Co-founder of Shanghai International Fashion Federation "Shanghai Haute Couture Week". Curator of the cross-border cooperation project between Shanghai Jahwa (600315) "Shuangmei" brand and artist Chen Yiming Curator of Shanghai Old Players (Zhang Shuyang's contemporary porcelain painting art) private meeting Curator of "Twelve Nights Banquet" in Shikumen, Jinfeng Wine Industry (600616)
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