Industrial Design | How to fight the epidemic with design thinking? Five scenarios to share with you today
The epidemic has caused numerous needs to emerge. What use scenarios can designers conceive product ideas from?

Life is the source of creativity and creativity is the soul of design. The ongoing epidemic has disrupted the rhythm of people's lives and people are forming safer, hygienic and healthier habits to defend themselves against viruses, such as wearing masks, using communal chopsticks, social distance, hygiene education for children, etc. ...... Many needs are emerging. Designers can conceive product ideas from which use scenarios. Today mattDESIGN recommends a few creative designs for designers' reference.


Scenario 1: Wearable devices

The mask is the most common wearable device we currently use for epidemic prevention, ensuring safe and healthy breathing, but at the expense of facial comfort and increasing the distance between people and communication. Is it possible to envisage a wearable device that avoids viruses without interfering with interpersonal communication?


Portable disinfection units - Airia

ICONA Design

Airia is a wearable disinfection device with a streamlined design and ionisation technology to provide multi-effect protection for users who are always on the go. The ionisation system generates tens of thousands of negative ions to purify the air around the user. Airia is lightweight, portable and easy to charge, eliminating the need to wear a mask and making face-to-face communication more friendly.


Filter masks - JustAir

Burnett x frog Design

As wearing masks becomes a normal part of life, consumers need practical, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable mask solutions. JustAir is a transparent, stylish and reliable filter mask that was designed with the wearer in mind to communicate with others unhindered while remaining safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The mask's power supply, filter and air circulation components are compressed into a small module that sits behind the wearer's head, making it ergonomically suitable for prolonged wear. justAir is suitable for everyday use by the average person, yet meets the standards of frontline medical staff. With reliable performance filtration and a premium, elegant visual appearance.


Scenario 2: contactless door opener

After the outbreak, many people are fearful of touching lift buttons as it greatly increases the chances of spreading the virus. What are some ways to reduce hand contact in public facilities and keep hands clean at all times?


Contactless door opener

Sapetti Design

To interrupt the rapid spread of the virus through the lift buttons and door handles and to match the various applications, Sapetti Design designed four sets of contactless door openers in dynamic forms and bright colours, which were designed, modelled and tested in just five days.


Scenario 3: Carry-on disinfection equipment

After the outbreak, people have become more aware of disinfection in scenarios such as going out to pick up deliveries, using public facilities and travelling on public transport, and always have disinfection equipment in their homes and offices, so how do you solve the problem of disinfection on the road?


KEEPSTICK disinfection sticks

Designer SAQ

The KEEPSTICK disinfectant stick looks like a pencil in your hand and has a lovely rounded shape. The cap contains a disinfecting UVC light, which makes it easy to clean your hands anywhere, and the KEEPSTICK is easy to carry and can be worn as a necklace, making it a favourite among young people.



Scenario 4: Design with children in mind

Children's lives are also greatly challenged during an epidemic, with less space to move around and more norms to follow. Hand washing, for example, is one of the best ways to protect children from illness, but many children do not like to wash their hands. For parents, the development of hygienic habits in their children is a challenge that must be experienced, what can designers do?



IDL DESIGN Hong Zilang

TOY-SOAP is a set of soaps designed for children, offering a solution for reluctant children to enjoy washing their hands. toy-soap is designed to motivate children and make them enjoy washing their hands through colourful, colourful and scented interactions that lead to a toy. The product is fitted with a ring that allows the child's hand to grip it better and the ring can be easily attached to a hook, making the packaging more impressive than other products in its category. The packaging is randomised so that children can only see the toy inside the soap when they open it, which enhances the sense of surprise and experience for children.


Scenario 5: Sterilisation during travel

Although the epidemic has brought the city to a halt for the time being, many families are beginning to imagine the wonderful images of travelling when the seal is lifted. The sky, the earth, the mountains, the lakes and the sea ...... people are looking forward to it more than ever. And with business people about to embark on their journeys, what can be designed with the travelling public in mind?


capsule action capsule vaccination kit

Fang Xuzhong, Fred Tsai, Zhang Wei Peng mollychang@JoeFang Desgin Studio

The capsule is designed with the concept of 'mountain, sea and city', encompassing the energy of nature and the vitality of the city, providing the disinfection and protection needed for travelling and being portable. The design uses environmental scenery as a symbol of the colour palette, such as mountains and blue sky, sun and sea, cities and glittering lights, to symbolise the omnipresent power of protection; the geometric arrangement of chromosome-like lines becomes a carrier of life and health. The luggage-like shape of the case acts as a protective shield to guard health. The case also comes with a sticker with a humorous and playful message to make every trip a memorable one.


Clothes Disinfection Cleaner - Sally

Sidhesh Wilson

Cleaning and disinfecting clothes on the go can often be difficult, Sally is a portable clothing disinfection and cleaning gadget designed for the traveler's clothing disinfection needs.Sally consists of a fabric disinfector (which can be used to spray disinfectant on fabrics), an ultrasonic stain remover and a pollen and lint remover, consisting of a 2200 mAh rechargeable battery and 3 other devices. The Sally is easy to use and helps travellers to reuse their clothes and maintain hygiene even when cleaning facilities are not available.


ICONA Design's futuristic portable disinfection device Airia; Burnett x frog Design's filter mask JustAir allows people to see each other's smiling faces; Sapetti Design's contactless door opener and designer SAQ's KEEPSTICK disinfection stick are very clever; IDL DESIGN's TOY-SOAP by Hong Zilang is sure to be a hit with children; the capsule action capsule kit by the team from JoeFang Desgin Studio is not only attractive to look at but also has plenty of substance; Sidhesh Wilson's clothing disinfection cleaner Sally provides a quick means of disinfection for people during travel...


All in all, mattDESIGN thinks these are all great design ideas, designers intent on solving very specific problems of people in the midst of an epidemic. Of course, each designer will have their own solution, do you in front of the screen have some different ideas too? Feel free to leave me a comment!