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Galactic Industrial Urban Furniture Innovation Design Contest Invitation


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Design to dress up the city, starting with the first Community!

We are searching excellent/talented Industrial designer&architect for long-term cooperation

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Innovation Design Proposal Wanted

Galactic Industrial is the future factory and industrial park construction and operation platform of CRRC Urban Traffic Co., LTD, building the future super factory based on industrial connectivity in many places in China. Among them, Suzhou Fenhu Galactic Elevator Super Factory covers an area of over 112 acre, with a total investment of over 5 billion RMB (772million USD), and is a key project in Jiangsu Province. To match Fenhu Galactic with world-class urban furniture that reflects humanistic care and artistic design standards, MattDESIGN, a subsidiary of CRRC Urban Traffic, is calling for designs from talanted urban furniture designers around the world. The final reviewer is Mr. Daniel Statham, a famous architect and director of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and the main designer of Fenhu Galactic Industrial Park.



Fenhu Galactic Industrial Park (Renderings)

The competition will open from now to 24:00 on October 8, and the collection of design works will end by 24:00 on November 28 (Beijing time). Excellent urban furniture design teams, designers and enthusiasts from both domestic and overseas are welcomed to participate actively.

The competition will focus on the actual and potential needs of the public for urban furniture in terms of art, function and digitization in the industrial park for the employees and visitors of the resident enterprises and service enterprises, as well as taking into account the people in public areas (such as squares and commercial service areas), including but not limited to the following items:

1. Clothing related (such as automatic working clothes collection and washing equipment, etc.)

2. Food related(e.g. mobile commercial vehicles, unmanned food vending kiosks, etc.)

3. Housing related (e.g. furniture rental platform machines, etc.)

4. Travelling related (e.g. commuter electric vehicles, automatic luggage storage for visitors, etc.)

5. Health and safety related (such as drinking fountain stand, mobile toilets, medical stations, simple exercise equipment, counseling stations etc.)

6. Leisure and entertainment related (such as leisure seats, reading kiosks, travel group machines, etc.)

7. Public services related (e.g. rubish bins, mobile flower boxes, sun shelters, bulletin boards, commuter shelters and stop signs, bike storage racks, street lights, etc.)

8. Public artwork related (e.g. industrial or elevator theme related, etc.)

Participants should choose at least four of the 8 categories mentioned above, with at least one product in each categoryPublic services related please combine at least 2 functions together) for conceptual design. Detailed product design is not required. The design style should be unified. The program should focus on "use function, style, scale and size, material use, color positioning, setting rules" and other urban furniture design elements,  the design will fully interpret the concept of green, ecological, intelligent and sharing of Galactic Industrial, and create an artistic and dynamic park space environment.

With the preliminary selection by mattDESIGN and final review by Daniel, the winning works will be evaluated by combining the requirements of urban furniture function, art, innovation, intelligence, ecology and economy. There will be one first prize with a prize of 18,000 RMB, two second prizes with a prize of 4,000 RMB, and three third prizes with a prize of 1,000 RMB. (Currency: RMB, 1RMB is around 0.15USD)


Overview of the collection

Project Name: Galactic Industrial Urban Furniture Design Competition.

Location: In Galactic Industrial park, Fenhu High Tech Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. No field survey will be provided, please check the industrial park profile in Annex 1.

Contest method: Open to all.


Qualification for the competition

This program accepts individuals (including students) or groups/organizations to participate in the competition.


Registration and Deadline

Registration opens now and closes at 24:00 on October 8. The deadline for collecting design works is 24:00 on November 28th (Beijing time).

Click the 'Subscribe' button in this page after register a new account; 

or click on the avatar icon to switch your identity to Designer, provide basic information and profile (you please upload a portfolio to maintain cooperation at a later time), and add the words "participate in the competition" to the optional field  'Main business' to register;

or or send an email to service@mattdesign.net with title: Register contest - your name.


Submit your design

Design requirement please see Annex 2 below.

In mattdesign.net Management Center, click My Works - Add, fill in the relevant design information, or upload the design document attachment directly (do not use rar format). Or send it to service@mattdesign.net, mail name: competition submission - Galactic Industrial - designer name.


Other terms and conditions

1.The design must not be plagiarized from others' works or be very similar to the published works of others. All copyright of the entries of the winning organizations and individuals, except for the author's signature rights, belongs to the competition organizer Matt Design Co. Ltd., Non-winning entries will be subject to mattdesign.net's Terms of Service.

 2. All documents and correspondence should be written in Chinese or English.

3. Participating organizations and individuals are responsible for the taxes (including all taxes and fees payable in and outside China) on the money award or design fees and all expenses incurred during the contest process. Money award will be paid by consulation organizations.

4. Any applicant organization/individual who participates in this activity is deemed to acknowledge all the terms of this announcement.

5. The right to interpret this activity rests with Matt Design Co., Ltd.

6. The laws and regulations applicable to this call for applications and documents related to this activity are only the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.


Contact information

Contact Person:Ms Bai


Phone+86 18917239719

E-mail: service@mattdesign.net

Or follow the official Wechat account: mattDESIGN设计咨询, submit questions in the official account


Host: Galactic Industrial Ltd.

Organizer: Matt (Shanghai) Design Consulting Co.



Annex1 Introduction of Galactic Industrial Fenhu Industrial Park


On 112 acre of land, a new intelligent manufacturing ecosystem of more than 1 million square meters and six shared areas will be built to achieve the level of social contribution that used to require 3 square kilometers of industrial land to achieve. This is the design and operation concept of the CRRC Urban traffic Co., LTD Fenhu Galactic Super Factory, which started construction on November 9, 2020. The journalist learned that after the construction of Fenhu Galactic Super Factory starts, the first phase of 350,000 square meters of R&D center, complete machine manufacturing center and shared testing center will be put into operation at the end of 2022, and the whole will be fully operational at the end of 2024.


 Fenhu Galactic Super Factory is an important industrial carrier for CRRC to integrate into the integrated development strategy of Yangtze River Delta and the first line-up of CRRC  Urban traffic to build the industrial second headquarters in Suzhou. Relying on the Central Research Institute of CRRC UT and a number of elevator complete and core component enterprises integrated in the Yangtze River Delta region, the project is planned to build the first domestic and global leading super factory and intelligent manufacturing future space, with CRRC's century-long manufacturing precipitation as the cornerstone and bringing together the expertise of a number of world's top architectural design, industrial design, process design and innovation design institutions from UK, Germany, Italy and India.


 "Green, ecological, intelligent and shared is the design and operation concept of the Fenhu Galactic Super Factory." Gu Yifeng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of CRRC Urban traffic, said that Fenhu Galactic will build a new intelligent manufacturing ecosystem of over 1 million square meters on 0.48million square meters of land, realizing six sharing, reaching an annual output of 150,000 sets of complete intelligent lift systems and 300,000 sets of core components, and taxable sales will exceed 30 billion Yuan per year with a profit tax of over 2 billion Yuan. At the same time, the super factory also reserves 30% of production space and capacity to empower the transformation and upgrading of local manufacturing industry with the most advanced design, manufacturing, testing and market channel capabilities. In the future, Fenhu Galactic Cloud Ring Central Research Institute will also gather more than 1,000 scientific and technical personnel and produce thousands of patents annually, among which the Magnetic Levitation Traction Institute, Composite Energy Institute and Intelligent Control Institute will lead the pace of independent innovation in China's elevator industry.


 Carrying the mission of transformation from product supplier to service provider, Fenhu Galactic will drive the overall transformation of regional manufacturing industry through six sharing concepts of integrated office, integrated design, integrated manufacturing, integrated supply chain, integrated data and integrated sales. The X-MOLDIS super factory unit, consisting of manufacturing industry (X) + N shared integrated manufacturing units (M), N shared office units (O), a shared integrated supply chain management center (L), N shared data center units (D), a shared industrial design center (I), and a shared sales center (S), will use less than 700 mu of industrial space to achieve social contribution energy level that used to require 3 square kilometers of industrial land to achieve. "With the same footprint, the super factory can achieve an average output per mu equivalent to 7.5 times that of a traditional factory, and the comprehensive consumption is only 60% of that of a traditional factory." The person in charge of the relevant project of CRRC Urban traffic Co., LTD told reporters.


 It is reported that in order to make Fenhu Galactic Super Factory a benchmark platform for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, CRRC Urban traffic has registered and established Galactic Industrial Platform Company with a capital of RMB 2.8 billion in Fenhu, which is responsible for the investment, construction and operation management of Fenhu Galactic, and through Galactic Industrial Platform Company, this successful experience will be replicated to the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industries around the world, truly practicing the Yangtze River Delta integration demonstration zone leading the regional The mission of economic and social development of the region.


Southside Plaza

East side commercial services (including staff dormitory)


Annex 2:  Design Submission Requirements

Please submit one electronic file of sketch coloring or model rendering for each product design (not required to reach the depth of the final design), the file can explain the innovation idea and design; size A3 (420X297mm), output resolution no less than 200dpi, file format required jpg, RGB color mode.


Layout content mainly includes the name of the work, creative description, design scheme (style features,  material, surface treatment, main size, etc.), overall design, partial enlargement, etc. If the content is excessive, you can use a separate Word document to explain, mark username on bottom left, and the work can be signed.


No irrelevant text or diagram are allowed, otherwise it will be invalid. All the documents should be zip packed and uploaded through the website or sent by email.

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